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Glinnik Grange

Glinnik Grange is producing and distributing dried vegetables in Poland and Europe since 1995. We operate in Glinnik and Sobota, villages located in central Poland, far from big cities, busy roads and pollution they generate.
We make our product out of fresh material that we grow on our own fields, consisting of nearly 400 hectares. Using modern and ecological technologies we manage to produce dried vegetables in 2 to 12 hours from crop collection, depending on plant type.
Making dried vegetables is our forte. We seek to meet every requirement for quality and quantity of offered product. 

Our Offer

Our regular offer includes following vegetables:
White cabbage
Savoy cabbage
Additionaly, we can produce dried spinach, chive, cauliflower, broccoli, dill, chokeberry and mint.
Above products can be provided as cubes, flakes, stripes, granulate or ground. We pack in paper or plastic bags/sacks, folding cartons/boxes or big/bulk bags (FIBC). 


All of our product comes from the highest quality source material that we grow ourselves, ensuring the best conditions since the moment of sowing. We process vegetables naturally, using only hot air without adding chemicals at any point.
The excellence of finished product is guaranteed by multistage and rigorous quality control. Throughout the entire production cycle, we sift, sort and examine the material a number of times, using both automated and manual methods.
The introduction of innovative optical sorting technology allows us to achieve the best possible quality of the product. We meticulously implement HACCP system, which is confirmed by an independent certification, and implement international and European food safety standards.
We seek to meet every requirement for quality of offered products, from the processing and packing methods, through detailed analysis of the nutrition values levels and to enjoyable colour. 



Gospodarstwo Glinnik
95-015 Głowno
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Business ethics and sustainability

Natural environment
Glinnig Grange is an agricultural project and as such, we consider protection fo the environment our priority. In our daily proceedings, we rely on the rules of reasonable use of raw materials, fuel, ener-gy and water. We proudly present our current goals and recent achievements.
By 2025 we plan to satisfy 50% of our power consumption with energy coming from renewable sources.
We implemented double water circulation – water used to wash fresh vegetables before processing is later used as natural fertiliser in our fields.
Out of care for biodiversity, we installed nesting boxes and feeders for wild birds throughout our farm.
We only grow and process plants, making all of our products kosher and vegan, which minimizes food safety hazards and meets the expectations of many consumers.

Ethical employer
We seek to be a pleasant working place and build internal ethics of our company. Our employees are offered fair and appropriate contracts. In hiring, remunerating and treating workers we are guided by by equal opportunity rules. We ensure that no employee or prospect employee faces discrimination on grounds of gender, nationality, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation and gender identity, age, disability, religion or lack thereof.
Every person working in Glinnik Grange can participate in free trips and entertainments which we provide in the attempt to create an open and friendly community in the workplace.

Social responsibility
Glinnik Grange has supported local communities for years, and continues to do so, mainly by providing funding for extracurricular programs in Popów Elementary School, educational and cultural activites of Bronisławów Community Cultural Centre and charity work of Stary Waliszew parish.